Erin Condren Haul & Uncoiling my Planner

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I am that kid that loved new school supplies at the beginning of each school year and have my very own stash of favorite pens so I never am without. I will also admit I have been a planner junkie since my college years so of course I have to share my newest planner haul with you.

In 2018, I have chosen to use Erin Condren’s Deluxe Monthly Planner, but with a twist. I have found there isn’t a one-stop-shop planner for me and I don’t have time to completely reinvent the wheel (planner) so finding a planner with flexibility like this EC deluxe monthly planner was just the right starting point for my 2018 planner.  I love her designs, quotes, and fun accessories.  Along with the planner, I purchased the classic collection edition 2 sticker book, wet erase gemstone markers, coil Clips (LOVE THESE), and colorful dual-tip markers. (pictured above).

How I uncoiled:

I have uncoiled my planner using : (1) large binder clips to keep pages in place during uncoiling process, (2) small pliers to stretch open and closed the coil, & (3) the extra pages I was inserting once uncoiled.


Remove the covers to keep them from damaging during process and use large binder clips on two sides of the planner to keep pages in place. Take the pliers and stretched the end of the coil to be rounded, since they are bent when planner is received to protect the planner from uncoiling during use.  Then, all you have to do is turn the coil until completely removed from the pages.  Now it was ready to insert pages.

Keep up with Mrs. Harris’ Blog  has a great step-by-step guide to adding in extra pages you design and print at home for the EC planners.

I used the uncoiled pages and moved them around to provide space for October-December 2017 to be added in the front, along with adding in extra unused pages from an EC spiral I already had.  Then I was ready to put the planner back together by just threading the coil back into pages and bending the ends of coil back the way they came.

This experience was super fun to customize my planner in a way that was functional for me to use everyday.  Visit my YouTube channel video to get the details of how this planner functions.

Thanks for reading and hope this was helpful in your planner journey.



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